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Olives and Others

We have such a wide range of Olives and Antipasti too long to list. However, we have highlighted the most popular and best selling products from our brochure.

We have sourced what we think are the best Olives and Antipasti from two companies, Sapori d'Italia and The Fresh Olive Co, to bring you the very best from under one roof.

To see our full range of products, click on the bar below "Download the GS Foods price list here". You will first need to fill in the compulsory fields of the Request Form to access the list.

Olives stuffed and Marinated



Spicy Cocktail Olives stuffed with Piri-Piri and jalapeno Peppers.

Garlic-stuffed Olives with peeled whole Garlic Cloves.

Anchovy-stuffed Olives - green olives filled with anchovy paste.

Feta-stuffed Olives - green olives filled with Greek Feta cheese.


Harlequin - green and kalamata olives with peppers, garlic & chilli.

Martini Olives - large green cocktail olives with a stone in.

Vinci - large pitted green olives with mushrooms, peppers and garlic.

Semi Sun-dried Tomatoes


The sweetest, smallest, greatest tomotoes we have ever tasted, purged in a sweet marinade with mixed herbs.


These tomatoes are fantastic in salads with pasta or just on their own.

Artichoke Hearts


These Archichoke Hearts are marinated in Olive Oil with red peppers, garlic and herbs.


We also have Archichoke halves and whole Archichoke hearts with stems.

Pestos - Basil and Rocket


Our Pestos are made from fresh Basil and Rocket leaves, using extra virgin olive oil, parmesan and pecorino cheeses with pine kernels & pistachio nuts.


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