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Charcuterie and Hams

Parma, San Danielle, Finocchiona, Felino, Milano, Soppressa, Spinata Romana, are just some of the more popular salami produced by Golfera. These cured, pure pork salami are from one of the more artisan producers, together with their slow cooked roast hams the selection and quality from Golfera is quite outstanding.

Parma Riserva 24mth


Far from the ordinary Proscuito, and certainly not Crudo. This is Parma Riserva matured for a minimum of 24 months. These hams are carefully selected for their size and marbling before being washed, salted and matured to become Riserva Hams only these hams develop a sweet nutty flavour during the long maturation. The Parma Crown is your guarantee of quality.

You can find out much more on the Leoncini website.

Arosto Erbe (Al Bracci)


Slow Roast Leg of Ham, once the bone is extracted, the leg is stuffed with oregano and thyme, and then smothered with herbs and covered with a string net then slowly roasted. This process allows the herbs to infuse with the juices from the ham, which produces a fantastic aromatic flavour. Slice very thinly and serve with homemade compotes and chutneys.

Golfera Salami


Salami is one of the oldest foods in the Italian gastronomic heritage; Golfera is a part of that heritage. The most well known salami include Milano, Cacciatore, Napoli, Felino, Soppressa, Finocchiona, and Ventricina are all produced by the Golfera family.

I find the easiest way to enjoy salami is with crusty bread. The large diameter salami should be sliced thinly to enhance the flavours, whereas the smaller ones should be cut in thicker chunks.

You can find out much more on the Cibosano website.

Iberico Chorizo


Its of to Spain for this incredible chorizo made only from black pigs, which are fed on acorns and left to graze on the aromatic grasslands, the result is that the ham know as “Pata Negra” is probably the most respected throughout Spain.



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